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Referral Scheme

How it works

Collect your unique referral link from the Enclave Partner Portal (or ask a member of the team for your referral link) and share it with your contacts via email, social media, or any other channel.

  • Get $300 for every referral that becomes an active Enclave partner within 90 days of their proof of concept start date.

Terms and conditions

  • Active partner

    An "active partner" means someone who not only signs up but also actively engages with us, and on-boards new customers. This helps us all grow together.

  • New partners only

    This scheme is for bringing in folks who haven’t partnered with Enclave before. If they’ve already been chatting with our sales team or signed up, that referral won’t count.

  • Sign-up and trial

    They need to use your link to sign up for a free trial with a valid email and jump into a paid plan buying at least 25 licenses within 90 days.

  • Getting your reward

    Rewards come as Amazon Vouchers right now. We’ll get those to you within 30 days after your referral joins us as a paying customer.

  • Tax responsibility

    Any taxes or fees from the rewards are on you. We make sure you get the full amount from our side.

  • Fair play

    Don’t try to game the system. No self-referrals or sneaky moves. We’re all here to do good business together.We're all in this to support each other and grow together.

  • Legal and honest

    Promote Enclave using our name and logos the right way. No spamming, lying, or breaking laws. We’re proud of our brand and want to keep it looking good.

  • Adaptability:

    We might change things up with the program, or discontinue it, but we’ll let you know if we do.

  • Be reasonable

    We’re keeping a limit on the number of referrals you can make in a month, just to keep things fair and manageable.

  • Stay active

    Keep engaged with us to maintain your eligibility. If we notice a long period of inactivity, we might need to chat about your participation.

  • Keeping track

    We’ll keep an eye on the referrals you make and keep you updated on how they’re doing.

  • Disagreements

    If there’s a disagreement about a referral or reward, let’s talk it out. We’re here to make things right and keep the program fair for everyone.