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Enclave Command Line Reference

The enclave CLI tool, available on all desktop and server Enclave installations, provides administrative tools to manage enclave profiles on the device.


Name Description
add Authorise a new manual connection (manual configuration only).
auth Authenticate as a user of this system if needed by configured Trust Requirements.
disable Administratively disable an existing connection (manual configuration only).
enable Administratively enable an existing connection (manual configuration only).
enrol Create a profile on the system by providing an enrolment key.
get-ip Gets the Enclave IP address of the local system, or a specified peer.
install-adapter Manually install a new enclave layer-2 adapter. (Windows only)
install-vcredist Installs the required Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime on the local system (Windows only)
list-adapters List all Enclave network TAP adapters on the local system. (Windows only)
list-config Display the current settings for a profile.
list-profiles Displays a list of profiles along with their state.
loglevel Specify the log level for a currently running enclave instance.
remove Remove authorisation for an existing connection (manual configuration only).
remove-adapter Remove an Enclave network TAP adapter. (Windows only)
rename-profile Rename an existing profile.
restart Instructs the Enclave supervisor to restart an Enclave profile in the background.
run Run an Enclave profile interactively.
self-test Runs a set of tests to check enclave configuration on the local OS.
set-config Change settings in your enclave profile.
start Instructs the Enclave supervisor to start an Enclave profile in the background.
status Display information about a running Enclave profile.
stop Stop a running background instance of Enclave launched with the 'start' command.
switch-to Switch your current active profile.
waitfor Waits for a peer to become available

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