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Windows Firewall classifies Enclave interface as Public

By default Enclave will attempt to mark any network interface it installs as Private in the Windows Firewall. In some circumstances the Enclave interface may not be set to Private. This can happen if the WMI subsystem is not available, or if an administrator, or another process changes the interface's NetworkCategory setting.

We recommend that customers classify all Enclave network interfaces as Private in the Windows Firewall at all times.


Network traffic may not be flowing as expected between connected peers according to the Policies defined by administrators in the Enclave management portal.


The Windows Firewall may be unexpectedly and incorrectly classifying Enclave network interfaces as either Public or Domain instead of Private.


Obtain a list of all network interfaces installed by Enclave on the relevant systems and use PowerShell to check if any are incorrectly classified by the Windows Firewall. Manually update the NetworkCategory classification as needed.

  1. Open an administrator PowerShell command prompt

  2. Run enclave list-adapters. If you have enrolled multiple profiles enrolled on the same device, you may have more than one Enclave network interface listed. If you only have one profile enrolled, it is usually called Universe.

    Index    Net Connection Id      Service Name    Driver Name                         Guid
    #7       Universe               enclavetap6     Enclave Virtual Network Port        {256ACE63-7C29-4A87-AFD2-7D248DB3607E}
    #16      Ganymede Robotics      enclavetap6     Enclave Virtual Network Port #2     {64CBD519-E5AA-469B-9C14-74C8777E1C45}
  3. Choose the appropriate Enclave network interface and run Get-NetConnectionProfile -InterfaceAlias "Universe" to check the NetworkCategory value. Be sure to use the correct Net Connection Id value in place of Universe if your adapter has a different name.

    Name             : Network 2
    InterfaceAlias   : Universe
    InterfaceIndex   : 7
    NetworkCategory  : Public
    IPv4Connectivity : LocalNetwork
    IPv6Connectivity : NoTraffic
  4. If the NetworkCategory is not shown as Private, use the following command to reclassify the interface. Be sure to use the correct name for the -InterfaceAlias argument.

    Get-NetConnectionProfile -InterfaceAlias "Universe" | Set-NetConnectionProfile -NetworkCategory Private


If you continue to experiencing difficulties with traffic flows, please follow our troubleshooting guide.

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Last updated May 5, 2022